How I Got into the Escort Business

I may have talked about this in my story, but I thought I’d delve a little deeper about the why’s and how’s I got into this profession. Here’s the long version…

My decision to start working in the business started at a time when I was becoming increasingly frustrated at work. I felt like I wasn’t living an honest version of myself. Like a large part of my playful, flirty personality wasn’t being indulged. On top of that I received a promotion. I should’ve been happy but only thought of what other kind of work I could be missing.

One night after visiting a few bars, a couple of friends and I thought it’d be fun to check out a strip club for their amateur night. Some worn out shoes and $500 later, I found my love to strip! I decided to work as a club dancer one or two nights a week as a supplement to my day job.

The contrast between my office job and my “secret life” as an exotic dancer was like night and day! It felt so naughty to know I was living a kind-of double life, but the late hours were getting to me. The pay on the other hand, was amazing! No doubt there were nights I made more than my average weekly salary.

So I took a huge leap and decided to quit my job, quit the 9-5 and start working for myself. Dancing full-time meant having a flexible schedule and I really had to discipline myself stay consistent. For the most part I really enjoyed the strip clubs. I was much closer to my true “sensual” self than I ever was in my marketing career, but again felt like something was missing. I was curious to explore more of the industry. That was when I discovered escorting. As I read more about being a personal companion, it really turned me on to trying it out. And the rest is history.

Now, looking back, I could see why escorting attracted me so much. I really enjoyed the time I spent meeting and getting to know clients when I worked as an Account Executive. Everything about creating an intimate space and relating to new people, finding out what really makes them click…I find easily relates to escort work. And I love every minute of it!