A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out. – George Bernard Shaw


Below is a brief summary of what I expect from each of my clients. Please be aware that any violation or refusal to engage in the proper etiquette will result in immediate cancellation of the date.

Once you feel you have an understanding of the content below, I suggest reading my FAQs page for questions about bookings.


1. Attitude
If you are respectful, kind and generous, I will respond in kind. This means not only in-person, but written communication as well. Having a pleasant attitude will allow the date to feel enjoyable and memorable for the both of us.

Along with the above, “No means no”. Per my website, it should be clear what I do and do not provide. Do not ask questions of this nature nor ask me to perform a sexual act during an appointment. I do not make exceptions. To anyone.

2. Hygiene
To me a healthy, positive attitude translates to a healthy, clean body. I love men that take care of themselves, and having good hygiene is a huge indicator. I always expect body showered and teeth brushed before a date! 😉


1. I ask that you refrain from taking any pictures or recording video during our dates. Doing so protects both our interests in staying discreet.

2. As above, no mention of money, payments, etc. Please refer to this website for pricing as I like to avoid having to repeat myself over such matters.

3. Similar to discussing payment, please use discretion when referring to our date. I will not answer to any questions regarding intimate details of a date. All information is available on my Rates page.

4. I realize you have a personal life involving a career, family, friends, etc. I ask that you please respect mine. Refrain from asking questions you wouldn’t want to answer.

5. I prefer to use email when communicating with clients. Immediate requests to speak over the phone will be ignored. If you are an established client, only then are texts/calls appropriate.


1. Refer to my Rates page for pricing. I will not speak of anything regarding payment via email, text or in person, other than what’s noted on this website.

2. Payment is for my time and championship only, and that is the service I set my rates for. You pay by the hour, for my time.

3. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: When we meet, please place your cash payment “gift” in a plain white envelope or out in plain sight (preferred). This allows us to immediately enjoy the date without having to engage in any tedious financial talk.


1. First and foremost, I prefer discreet word-of-mouth over any online reviews. This is
not only ideal for your privacy but in my personal opinion, also keeps the escort business exclusive.

2. As above, if you had a good time, feel free to pass along my information to others. I duly admire those that keep it classy and respectful when speaking about me.