Back to a Workout Routine!

Yoga outside at a friend's cabin in Payson, AZ

(The above picture: Me doing some yoga at a friend’s cabin in Payson, AZ last year)

Wow…. it feels good to get back in a regular fitness schedule. I really like how my mind and body feels after a good workout!

Today I did 40 minute bike ride around town and finished at home with some resistance training, while I caught up on a few shows. Right now as I write this post, I’m still cooling off!

It’s understandable that with our busy schedules, it’s hard to get in regular exercise. It’s also understandable how healthy eating is maybe not as doable when your working all the time. For me I know my workout routine needs to be a conscious thing I do at least every other day, else I start slacking. I know when I slack because I start feeling sluggish. My mood isn’t as cheery as it naturally is either.

As for a typical workout, I love love love yoga. Especially hot yoga with all the sweating! Oh and the stretching! I still have areas I’m working on as far as flexibility, but I can say I’m already pretty limber. The yoga classes I go to usually have a brief meditation session afterwards too — in my opinion the best way to cool down.

I admit I’m not much of a gym rat, I prefer the natural outdoors and simple moderate (regular 😉 ) exercise. I also believe a clean diet supersedes working out. Basically the 80/20 rule — 80% diet and 20% fitness habits. Nonetheless I enjoy how good it feels to move the body. And I know there are many ways to enjoy that!