My Story

Hello, Stranger—(bonus points if you know where this quote is from!)

My name is Ava Romani, otherwise known as Little Miss Business of Scottsdale. I’m in my mid-twenties, stand at a dainty height of five feet and weigh a little less than 100 pounds. I have super thick, long dark hair and light-colored eyes. I’ve been told my best features are my eyes and my laugh…but I’ll let you be the judge of that 😉 I’ve also been described as having an all-natural “girl next door” quality. I blend-in well for any occasion.

I’m proud to be an all-American girl, born in the beautiful city of Flagstaff, Arizona. From what I remember of my childhood, having a backyard riddled with all kinds of wildlife entertained me for hours. All the trees, nature, fresh air, mountain views…I really loved it up there. We had a snowy-white Christmas every year. It wasn’t until my father acquired a new job position, that we left Flagstaff and settled down in the valley. I still travel through Pine, Sedona and Flagstaff from Scottsdale whenever I’m craving different scenery.

I travel a lot around the U.S. for work but Scottsdale is my current home base. I also serve the remaining Phoenix metro. I’ve lived all over Arizona (including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Scottsdale), so if you’re new to Phoenix, I’d be happy to make suggestions or show you around!

If you’re wondering about my name, part of my ethic background is Italian. I’m half Italian to be exact, from my mother’s side of the family (one of my goals is to become fully fluent in Italian!). My father is a mixed breed with English, German, Cherokee, and who knows what else. Anyway as part of that Italian heritage, I adore good food! Take me to your favorite seafood restaurant and I’ll be yours forever!

Dining, gourmet food…I really do enjoy the finer things in life. My zodiac sign is a Taurus after all! I also enjoy attending the occasional wine tasting, though I still feel I’m a bit of a novice. I’m personally not a fan of red but remain partial to a good white or rose wine. Even a dessert wine does me in.

Other interests of mine involve the arts, like going to the theatre and visiting local galleries. Here in Scottsdale, part of the downtown area features a variety of small art galleries called Marshall Way. The sweet tooth I have really enjoys the chocolate shops. Zak’s is one of my favorites! I discovered this little shop during one of Scottsdale’s chocolate tours.

As for art, there is an event every first Friday of the month in downtown Phoenix. In college, I would frequently stroll these old, open houses full of art and look forward seeing new artists. Currently though, I like seeing more established artists like the work displayed at Scottsdale’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Really, all museums fascinate me. I love experiencing culture and art is just one of the many ways to embrace it.

Speaking of culture, I personally cannot live a life without travel. My favorite destination so far has been a recent backpack trip across Asia, from Chiang Mai to Pai to Surat Thani to Koh Pha Ngan. I’ve been to many other places outside the U.S. and plans to see more are continuously growing! This world is so beautiful, vast and abundant. I’m always interested in hearing about different cultures, travel and far-away places, especially if these are passions of yours too!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from a well-known state university. I’ve worked in sales and marketing administration for the past 6 years, with the exception of my first job as hostess at Olive Garden. Go figure!

I’m still thinking about whether I would like to go back to school to pursue a Master’s degree. Another possibility is heading down the entrepreneurial path and managing a business that I feel passionate about—much like this one! A very dreamy dream I have is to simply live off making art every day. Oh yes, and having just enough time to travel between projects!

You may wonder why I got into escorting. Well I remember feeling somewhat stifled after an unsuspecting promotion at my last job. Instead of feeling awesome, the very first thought that popped in my head was…

when in my life have I felt completely independent and uninhibited?

Also, my company adhered to a very strict dress code (especially for women). While I admire a professional look and attitude, I felt there was this other part of me—a deeply sensual side—that I wanted to explore further. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted the freedom to truly express myself.

If you took the time to read my whole story, I really want to get to know you! Head over to my Reservations page and make an appointment now. Don’t keep a lady waiting 😉